Writer. Dreamer. Thinker.

...The classics never go out of style.


Here's a few fun things about me:

I am a lover of speaking in accents, the perfect pen,
and spontaneous adventures. (The best ones involve a plane, backpack, and getting lost in a new city.)
Boardgames, old-timey swing dancing, and the perfect cup of tea are my favorite ways to spend a day.

I'm a strategic thinker,  a visionary, and a little bit of an iconoclast - because life is better when you're a little bit out of the ordinary.
I communicate better in writing than in real life... but that's the job. What can one do!? ;)

Photo of Anna Curie

What I'm About:

We've all got values that drive us, inspire our work, and inform who we want to work with to build the reality we want to see.
Here's a couple of mine:


If you're going to do it, you may as well make it something worth doing. Why not make an impact while you're at it? Why not believe you can make a change? You've got to be crazy enough to try.

People First

The work is important, but if you don't put people first, what's the point? Relationships, kindness, and self-awareness are the keys to the best kinds of success.

Inspiration focused

We're about the rhythm, the music, the movement of beauty. That marketing tactic only takes you so far, but the connection you create is what ultimately makes your business a success.

We might get along if...

+ You're interested in words that speak to purpose and mission, not just a quick sale
+ You are building something bigger than yourself
+ You know what you want, and you're not afraid to be kind enough to make it happen
+ You choose to build something that will last and have a positive impact
+ You aren't looking for a firefighter for your forest fires, you've got your business under control

Here's what it's like to work with me:
+ You can expect calm communication.
+ You can expect that deadlines will be met
+ You can expect that I will think about your projects and make suggestions when appropriate
+ You can expect that there won't be drama
+ You can expect inspiration-driven copy
+ You can expect that I will consider myself a part of your team, and work hard for your mission.

Feeling spontaneous?

Let's have a chat about your projects, shall we?

With Pleasure!